• Sport & Fitness


The Samata is unique in Bali – a small, exclusive, chic resort dedicated to ensuring both body and mind are fit and healthy. We offer a wide variety of high- and medium-intensity exercise activities plus essential cool-down and, relaxation options.

Imagine a luxurious and fully-equipped gym and health retreat with healthy dining experiences, blissful pools, and, a spa with comprehensive Balinese traditional treatments and personalised training programmes (occasionally run by well-known sports and fitness professionals) tailored to your own tastes, abilities and goals.

The Samata’s state-of-the-art facilities include a tennis court, 3 swimming pools (Chill, Lap and Energy), cross-fit facilities, a professional boxing ring (with boxing fitness equipment) and a complete gym with an extensive selection of equipment, skipping ropes, muscle relaxation oils and personal trainers.

The resort will be regularly inviting well-known sports and fitness professionals for periods of time to share their knowledge and experience with resorts guests for both group and one-to-one sessions.

The team can also organise activities outside the resort such as a morning sunrise tour to the beach, water sports at Sanur, kite surfing and more.