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The Best Cooking Classes to try in Bali

While you’re in Bali, why not pick up one of the most valuable souvenirs you can get? And that’s a cooking recipe that you can take with you anywhere, even when you’ve left the island!

Take a piece of Bali with you by learning the secret of one of these recipes with The Samata! We have cooking classes that cater to all sorts of cooks from all levels. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Balinese cooking classes that are offered here at The Samata. Hopefully, by the end you’ll be inspired to pick up a cooking class of your own while you’re in Bali!

Healthy Cooking Class

As its name implies, the Healthy Cooking Class teaches you recipes that are centered around maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This class will teach recipes that include the Zaru Soba, which are cold buckwheat noodles with mentsuyu dipping sauce, and also how to cook a Sesame Crusted Tuna along with organic vegetable and cashew-nut stir fry, rice vermicelli, ginger and lemongrass consomme.

Additionally, we’ll also be teaching you how to make two healthy booster juices. The Brain Vitamin, a drink that consists of orange juice, carrot, lettuce, celery stalk and beetroot, blended together to create a healthy booster and vegetable juice. The latter of the two healthy booster drinks is the Anti-Oxidant, a healthy fruit drink that is a mix of strawberry, black grape, avocado and pineapple.

Paon Bali Menu

The Paon Bali Menu is our guest favorite and best-selling cooking class that will teach you authentic Balinese cooking. This class will have you working with locally sourced ingredients to cook up traditional Balinese dishes.

These recipes include: Lawar Gedang, a young papaya salad with chicken, Sate Lilit, a Balinese staple which consists of minced mahi mahi that are wrapped in Balinese paste on lemongrass skewer, and Be Siap Menyatnyat, a chicken thigh menu that is stewed in Balinese spices and finished up on the grill.

We will also be including a dessert or appetizer menu - depending on your preference - that is the Pisang Rai, a banana dumplings coated in grated coconut.

Kids Cooking Class

And lastly, we have cooking classes for the little ones so they don’t feel left out! For the kids menu, parents can choose one of three menu items that includes pizza, doughnuts or bomb cake. You are welcome to join and supervise if you’d like, but we suggest leaving them to experiment and learn things on their own by hand!

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