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Unwind with the best spa and massage treatments in Sanur

It’s true when they say that you can take care of people better after you’ve taken care of yourself. As we experience the stresses of daily life, a spa and massage are just what you deserve.

No matter who you are, a resident or traveler in our serene villa in Sanur, we’ll be at your service with our best treatments on the east coast.

Spa and Massage Treatments

Our selection of spa treatments is inspired by the Bali spa culture, bringing you a unique side to the island that not many have experienced. We also incorporate modern wisdom in the art of spa and aromatherapy to give you a balanced and holistic service.

The Traditional Bali Massage is the favorite choice among the relaxation treatments in The Samata. We employ the best local talent on the island with years of experience in healing pain and relieving tension. Don’t forget to also indulge your sense of smell with our aromatherapy massage. Using traditional herbal ingredients native to the island, the aromatherapeutic blend does more than to fill the room with pleasantness. Enjoy the elusive benefit of the herbal aroma to your physical as well as mental health.

Another treatment that is highly recommended for travelers and island hoppers is the Bali Volcano Stone massage. In Balinese culture, Mount Agung is not a destructive threat to the island, but rather revered as a holy mountain, and with each eruption, it brings forth a gift – the mineral-rich earthen stone that is highly beneficial for the skin, pores, and capillaries.

Wellness Programs

Our spa and massage treatments in our Sanur villa would not be complete without the various wellness programs that complement relaxation. Take a yoga class that suits your taste. We offer Hatha, Vinyasa, Fit Ball, and Restorative Yoga. For couples, we offer Tantra Yoga, and especially for expecting mothers, Prenatal Yoga would ease the pains of pregnancy.

Stay in Sanur

Here at The Samata, we take pride in helping our guests rejuvenate their minds and bodies with our spa and massage treatments. Our trained professionals will assess your overall fitness and provide a tailored wellness program to ensure you feel your best. View our list of extensive spa treatments and wellness programs available at The Samata.

Planning a retreat to Sanur? The Samata blends both comfort and luxury to facilitate the perfect health and fitness retreat in Bali. View our available suites and villas at The Samata, and book your stay with us now.